Jenny Roberts & Bryan Bell are the creative directors of Heartistree Studios.

Jenny Roberts

With over a decade of video production experience, as well as a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University,  Jenny's experience as a storyteller spans styles of film.

Working as a Creative Services Producer at a local TV station in Maryland, Jenny wrote, produced, and edited commercials for local and national brands. Her feature film directorial debut "Pieces of Tangier," documenting a small island community, was screened across the East Coast to raise awareness about the island's erosion problem.  

 Jenny has a unique talent and ability to tell other's stories in a personal and intimate way.

Bryan Bell

Falling in love with cinematography as a teenager, Bryan purchased his first professional camera in 2010, and from there was hooked on the art of filmmaking.

With a background as a musician, he began directing and producing music videos for bands and artists of many different genres, discovering the powerful role video plays in sharing a unique message and point of view. 

Under the name Bryan Divisions, he has released a fully self-produced album, 'Shivai', and several music videos which express his inspirational messages of individuality and living life through your heart. Bryan has seen first-hand how video reaches more people than any other form of media.


We get to the HEART of IT with compelling FILMS THAT TELL A STORY.