Jenny Roberts & Bryan Bell are the creative directors of Heartistree Studios.

Jenny Roberts

With a Bachelor of Communication from Monmouth University and a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University,  Jenny's experience as a storyteller spans styles of film.

Working as a Producer at a local TV station, Jenny wrote, produced, and edited commercials for local and national brands. Her feature film "Pieces of Tangier," documenting a small island community, was screened across the East Coast to raise awareness about the island's erosion problem.  

In 2004,  Jenny began filming weddings and the business grew naturally over the years in the Ocean City, Maryland area.

 Jenny has a unique talent and ability to tell other's stories in a personal and intimate way.

Bryan Bell

Falling in love with cinematography as a teenager, Bryan purchased his first professional camera, and from there was hooked on the art of filmmaking.

With a background as a musician, he began directing and producing music videos for bands and artists of many different genres, discovering the powerful role video plays in sharing a unique message and point of view. 

Under the name Bryan Divisions, he has released a fully self-produced album, 'Shivai', and several music videos which express his inspirational messages of individuality and living life through your heart. Bryan has seen first-hand how video reaches more people than any other form of media.


Jenny & Bryan moved from Maryland to Asheville in 2015, where they have filmed weddings all over the area.  


We get to the HEART of IT with compelling FILMS THAT TELL A STORY.